St.Jerome's College
(Arts & Science)
Anandhanadarkudy, Nagercoil
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Rev.Fr. A. Suvakkin


It is always a delight to welcome you to St. Jerome’s College. Let me begin with the Latin proverb which says ad astra per aspera which means to the stars through hardships. It is very much true to the history of St. Jerome’s College. During the inception of the College, it was a figment of the aspiration of Somascan Fathers and today we have every reason to be proud of the past and to be excited about its future.

St. Jerome’s College is unparalleled in nurturing young minds with personal, social and academic involvement. Students of our college are exceptional in rendering an engaging service to the community. Education at St. Jerome’s would prepare students for the competitive world through its holistic training. Our College holds the pride of transforming students into industrious, ethical and diligent team players for a decade.

I salute all the Somascan Fathers who toiled untiringly for the growth of this institute. St. Jerome’s College is undeniably a cut from the rest in imparting constructive education, character building and holistic development to the unprivileged youth. I thank the Principal and all the staff who rendered wonderful service at this institution from the beginning. Let me pay tribute to Rev. Bro. Antonio Galli who was behind the every brick of St. Jerome’s College.

I wish to state that St. Jerome’s will always stand with every individual’s holistic growth. Let us march ahead with Hope, Dedication, Perseverance and Hard work which will lead us to success. The reward of every good action will constantly be good.

Wishing you all Good Luck.

With Prayers,

Rev. Fr. A. Suvakkin CRS,