St.Jerome's College
(Arts & Science)
(Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University)
Anandhanadarkudy - 629201, Nagercoil.
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St.Jerome’s college library was established with 2000 volume of books .Now the collection of books amounts to around 6174 books (Title 3,203) with a number of journal and magazines, 3Tamil and 2 English dailies . We have in stock 38 M.Phil , 308 PG and 107 UG Project reports. It has a cozy and friendly aspirational space with a comfortable seating arrangement. It knits the reading area and has a vast worthy collection of research books with a section seperated for scholars.

Our library stands out with a collection of rare books and a good e – library facility with high – tech computers under check. All faculty members and students have access to the library and they can take books by using the library tickets. The library functions from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm onallworkingdays

The library functions from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on all working days

Computer Lab

The college is privileged to have three high-tech computer labs, for B.Sc computer science, M.Sc computer science and BCA students, with more than 90 advanced computers.

All the computers are connected with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, digital cameras, printers, scanners, video cameras etc all are the back bone of our infrastructure.

All the computers in the centers are provided with the latest updated software and hardware.

Further, computers are equipped with uninterrupted power backup.

The teaching of information technology and computer based papers is carried out in the computer lab.

Students are encouraged to utilize the facility to the full extent for their learning requirements

Physics Lab

Physics is an experimental science, where experimentation is an integral part of the core subject.

And our physics lab is well equipped with latest equipments and serves as a platform to do creative things.0

This facilitates students of B.Sc (Physics) to get full practical knowledge of relevant experiment in Physics.

The Physics lab has all new appliances and equipments, with Dark Room facility.

The lab is equipped with all the equipments to carry out the experiments prescribed in the syllabus by the university.


St. Jerome’s college of Arts and science provides multiple transportation options for students. We provide transportation for students and staff in and around Kanyakumari District . To enable students to free themselves from the worries of the transportation, we have made arrangements for College buses for students as well as staff. Depending on where our students reside, we recommend specific bus routes to provide the best Collage transportation options.

Bus policy & Guidelines

All our college buses satisfy the transportation rules created by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Any changes in pick up/drop off venue should be cleared with the office (in writing). The office will then inform the bus driver of the change.

Students who use the college transport will pay for its usage

Bus Route

Bus.No:1 College -A.N Kudythiruppu- Santhapurm- Thoppur- Pampanvilai – Sadayalputhoor – Saral – Kuruntan code Bridge—Mavilai -- Gnarode – Talakkulam – Arockiapuram – Thickanamcode – Mathicode – Karungal – Mangarai --- Mullanganavilai – Killiyoor – Mathapuram – Vilunthanyampalam --- Vilarivilai --- Palayam – Pillayarvilai – Vadalivilai – Monday market – Vembanoor -- Vencode

Bus.No:2 College – Paruthivilai – Aadaravilai – Tharmapuram – Rajakamangalam Thurai -- Rajakamngalam – Alankottai – Kallukati – Azhical – Pillaithopu – Vellamadi – Manavalakurichy bridge --- Chinnavillai Main – Pallimukku --- Salatnager – Mutharanni – Soorapallam

Bus.No:3 College – Erumpukadu – Thammathukonam – Keezkonam – Melasurankudy – Kurusady junction -- Beach road – NGO Colony – Vattakarai Titus Hospital – Maravankudieruppu – Thollaviai – Soorankudy --- Sundapativilai –Ethamozhly – Plavilai – Dharmapuram Main Road – Rajakamamgalam Thurai – Periakadu – Pozhikarai – Kesavanputhenthurai – Puthenthurai – Annai Nager – Pallam – MelaKrishnanputhoor – Athikattuvilai – Kattuvilai – Parakkai – Kovilvilai --- Irulappapuram

Bus.No:4,9 College – Paruthivilai – Aadaravilai – Tharamapuram --- Rajakamangalam Thurai --- Pannaiyoor Bridge -- Rajakamangalam --- Ganapathipuram --- Alankotti --- Kallukati -- Vellamadi – Ammandivilai -- Chinnavillai Main – Pallimukku -- Colachel Beach – Simon Colony – Kodimunai – Vaniakudy – Mettukadai -- Panavilai – Mutharanni – Azhaganparai – Paravilai – Kurumpanai – salatnager – Samathanapuram – InigoNager

Bus.No:5 College – PunnaiNager – Ramanputhoor – Kalungu junction – Xavier church – Edalakudy -- Susinthram – Vazukanparai – Atchankulam – Kottaram – Panchalingapuram – Arockiapuram – Leepuram – Chinnamuttom – Vivekanandapuram – Kanyakumari – Kovalam – Keezlamanakudy – Melamanakudy – Pottaiyadi – Malamanakudieruppu

Bus.No:6 College -- A.N Kudythiruppu – Virani Alur – Paravilai – Peyankuzhi – Kandanvilai – Eraniel – Moday market – Colachel Gandhi junction – Kalimar – Ritapuram – Ottapanavilai – Palapalam – Mathicode – Velliavilai – Nadutheri – Kattukadai – Midalakadu – Midalam – Mel Midalam – Neervakuzhi – Kuttuthani – Paravilai – Alanchy – Enayan – Enayanputhenthurai – Devicode – Naduthurai – Keezhukulam – vellichanthai – Ethankadsu – Anbunager -- Ramanthurai – Alvarkovi

Bus.No:7 College - A.N Kudythiruppu – medical college -- Ranithottam --- Palpannai -- Collector Office – Chettikulam – Vappamoodu --- Nagercoil bus stand -- Kottar Police staton – Ozhuhinasery – Vadasery – Vetturnimadam – Parvathipuram – Kaliancadu -- Chunkankadai – Thotiyodu – Konnakuzhi – Paraseri -- Villukurai – Puliyoorkurichy – Thuckalay – Padmanapapuram – Manali – Mekkamandapam – Moolachel --Azaghiamandapam –Kattaturai – Vellicode -- Swamiyarmadam – Eraviputhenkadai – Palliyadi – Murangavilai

Bus.No:8 College – Paruthivilai – Adaravilai – Manavalakurichy – Kadiyapattanam – Kotilpadu – Mandaikadu – Puthoor – Pllyarcoil – Colachel beach – Parapattu – Muttom – Aathankarai – Ammandivilai – Kottumangalam

Girls Hostel

Cittadini Illam , house for Ursuline sisters of Somasca serves as a hostel for women students. Application for hostel accommodation must be made to the Superior during the time of admission. Under the care of the mother superior and sisters the college provides residential accommodation for approximately 30 to 60 students per year. Hostel building is new, modern, spacious and adjacent to the college. The rooms are properly ventilated, and provided with fans, tube lights and furnished with cots, cupboards , a chair and a study table, separate dining hall, common room and lawns attached to its premises

Every student shall be present at the roll call at 6.00 a.m. There will be prayer following this for which all Christian students are expected to be present. However, the morning roll call will be compulsory. Study time is from 6.30 P.M. to 8.00 P.M. During study hours the students are expected to come to the study hall. Monthly once Competition like singing, dancing, debate ,quiz and Outreach Programs are conducted for the students development.

Boys Hostel

Miani Illam , house for Somascan fathers serves as a hostel for male students. The College has an in-campus Boys Hostel within its campus to accommodate male students who come from the different parts of the country. Application for hostel accommodation must be made to the Superior during the time of admission. The Boys Hostel provides accommodation for thirty to sixty students. Hostel has furnished rooms, separate dining hall, common room and lawns attached to its premises.

Every student shall be present at the roll call at 6.00 a.m. There will be prayer following this for which all Christian students are expected to be present. However, the morning roll call will be compulsory. Study time is from 6.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m . During study hours the students are expected to come to the study hall. Monthly once Competition like singing, dancing, debate, quiz and Outreach Programs are conducted for the students development


St.Jerome’s college of Arts and Science has a well-equipped Br.Antonio Gali auditorium with a seating capacity of over 1100 people. The auditorium is spacious, well ventilated and has well furnished halls. This auditorium has all the facilities to enhance the learning process and is a vast space that serves the varied requirements of quality education. The Dias of the auditorium is well raised with a podium visible even to the last row audience. It is the center of an academic activities such as International seminars, National seminars, Debates, Quiz, Symposium, Campus interviews and a host of other activities besides the auditorium facilities are also extended for conducting Government programes.

Extensively used for extra-curricular events and for hosting functions of the College such as the annual day, fine arts day, Graduation day it has an advanced light and sound system. It is equipped with a large stage, two green rooms, comfortable seating, carpeting, wall paneling for acoustic effects, washrooms and a locker.

The objective behind the auditorium is to enhance the quality of education. To make this possible, the auditorium offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens, white-boards for delivering lectures. It also provides opportunity for our staff and students to exhibit their talents in cultural activities.

Seminar Hall

The college has a well furnished adequately spacious and magnificent Seminar Hall. The Hall is well equipped with all facilities like a projector, audio-visual, aids and amplifiers etc. The college keeps on inviting from time to time renowned academicians and intellectuals in different spheres for addressing the students and the teaching staff on various subjects, topics of academic and other co-related pursuits with a view to widen the horizon of knowledge of the students and the staff as well. Competitive programmes in difference academic spheres are also organized to give an exposure to their talents, potentialities and overall development of the students. Association Meetings, Club Meetings, VivaVoces are also conducted in the Hall



In the changing scenario, counseling cell plays a vital role in an educational institution. Counseling cell is to provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that will equip students with necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals. The students are helped to work through their problems, to develop self-awareness and to overcome problems. The college offers free counselling to students on individual or group basis. There are counsellors are available to render service to those who need help.


As an education centre, college have a key responsibility to ensure the ongoing safety of both their students and staff while on college premises. College campuses pose many unique challenges when it comes to security. A video surveillance system must be carefully planned out in order to keep watch over the diverse assortment of facilities that comprise a typical campus community. From dormitories and libraries to sports complexes and sprawling student grounds, there's a lot to look after. A system of properly installed campus security cameras will go a long way in ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and facilities on campus.


A well planned college Cafeteria provides nutrition which would sustain energy level of students in a hygienic way and thus serves the needs of students and staff. Unhealthy food ,drinks and the use of plastic is highly restricted in the campus.

Photocopier Outlet

The College has also outsourced a photocopier outlet to provide photocopy, printing, compiling and binding facilities to its students and staff. The outlet opens on all working days during College hours.