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    St. Jerome's Emiliani (1481 - 1537) is the founder of the Somascan Fathers. His intense spiritual life and dedication to the works of mercy for the reformation of the church drew many to follow his example. He gathered them togetherness in Somasca in 1535 and founded the congregation of the Somascan Fathers. He was beatified by the Pope Benedict XIV in 1747, and canonized by Pope Clement XIII in 1767. In 1928, Pope Pius XI porclaimed him the "Universal Parton of remain faithful in carrying out the Charism of the founder throughout the world and they are known for their time-honoured tradition of imparting quality education to the society and rendering social service without discrimination.

    St. Jerome's College was established on 27th August 2009. The college focuses on imparting and providing quality education, discipline and infrastructure for the holistic growth of the youth. The college is approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu through the G.O.No. 260 dated 27.07.2009 and affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli from the year 2009. Since then the college has excelled to guide the youth in the right path.

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