Welcome to St. Jerome's College


Enriching lives with Light.


To bring light into the life of young generations through quality educations with NO COMPROMISE! enlightened with Christian value by following the path of St. Jerome Emiliani.


Our values form the guiding principles of all that we do ? for our students, our employers, our communities.

  1. A priority on student success and satisfaction.
  2. Working as a community.
  3. Respect for diversity and inclusively.
  4. Sustainability.
  5. Fostering and demonstrating entrepreneurship.
  6. Creating a culture of innovation in our programs, services, applied research, and our learning environments.
  7. Providing educational programs that maintain the highest standards of student performance.
  8. Providing an educational environment that emphasizes critical thinking and decision making, reflection and creativity.
  9. Responding to community needs through a variety of means, including collaboration with organizations and businesses.
  10. Providing a culturally competent and sensitive environment that reflects and celebrates diversity and
  11. Providing a culture that supports employee success and encourages professional growth.

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