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    The "Company of the Servants of the Poor" was founded in 1534, when Jerome Emiliani called together his collaborators and companions for a general assembly. This handful of laymen and priests adopted an organized structure for the movement of religious and social reform started by Jerome in 1529 in Venice. Their goal was to dedicate themselves to the care,assistance, promotion of poor, orphans, abandoned youth, sick, etc, to any kind of works of mercy,and to any pastoral ministry according to the instructions of the Bishops.

In 1767, the Church canonized his Founder, Jerome Emiliani. Moved by the zeal of its Founder, the Order extended its charitable ministries beyond the care of orphans by supporting and staffing seminaries (just then mandated by the Council of Trent), by educating and forming youth, and by ministering to people in parishes. Its expansion, however, was abruptly stopped by laws obstructing religious life issued by Napoleon in 1810 and by the Italian government in 1861. It followed a painful dark period characterized by persecution, injustice, suffering, from which only at the beginning of the XX century has the Order emerged with new vitality. Its expansion resumed, reaching new continents and new countries. Nowadays, the Somascans number about 500.

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