Welcome to St. Jerome's College                                                                                                                              

    Cittadini Illam HOSTEL for Young Girls

To fufill the vision of “St Jerome” through somascan fathers to brighten the future of young girls and boys, we the Ursuline Sisters of St.Jerome in Somasca are arrived in Nagercoil from the time of Tsunami, collaborating with Somascan Fathers through the hostel, by providing a safe and proper environment to favour their studies. To realize this intent to offer a family atmosphere. Especially those who are studying at St Jerome’s College, to up lift them in various ways.

Rev,Sr.Nirmala Thomas
Director of the Hostel (cittadini Illam)


Cittatdini Illam welcomes the young minds those who seek education at st. Jerome’s garden which is the place of freedom and truth, also the Hostel intent to offer the young girls a serene, engaged, disciplined and stimulating, healthy environment, where they can study and learn, skills to develop their ability to work creatively, so that their future might shine forth with the standard living.

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