Welcome to St. Jerome's College                                                                                                                              

The emerging St. Jerome’s College of Arts and Science was instituted by the Somascan fathers with a great vision of enriching lives. The healthy infrastructure stands a proof to the passion they have in helping the poor and to provide quality education.

The prime of the institution, the English Department, began its flight with a wing of seventeen students and two staff members on 27th of August 2009. In the year 2013, PG course was instituted followed by the M. Phil course in the year 2015. Currently our department holds two hundred and thirty students and twelve staff members. With a motto of providing quality education in literature and language for the students and to polish and furnish their skills.

The department invites highly qualified and experienced academicians to TEA(Touchstone English Association) meeting, conducted once a month as a medium of giving exposure to the students on the diverse areas in literature. Besides curriculum, the students are provided with the opportunity to develop their soft skills like reading English newspaper, magazines, journals, books etc. The magnanimity of the management has shown its peak in spending enormously for literature books. Thus the students are provided with opportunities to read and to develop the language skills. As a part of co-curriculum our department organizes seminars or conference annually. It also encourages the students to participate in inter-collegiate competitions. The department of English values diversity in its faculty, students, and staff, and in the work we do to advance the goals of the discipline.

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