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Events Organized by the Department

Activities Chief Guest Event Date
State Level Technical Symposium Mrs. H. Shajeena, the HOD of department of Computer Science and Engineering, James College of Engineering and Technology, Navalkadu 22nd February 2013
Computer Exhibition Mr. Suresh, a Computer Expert from Ramanputhur 3rd September 2013
Seminar on “Installation of System Software & Application Software” Mr. M. Milton Joe, Assistant professor of Computer Science, St. Jerome’s College of Arts and Science 3rd October 2013
Tiny block in Library was inaugurated Remembrance of our Somascan brother and student of II B.Sc Computer Science “J. Martin Mathew” 11th January 2014
Visited “Shanthi Illam”(mentally and physically challenged people in Kanaykumari) III B.Sc Computer Science Students and Staff 28th February 2014
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